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Group PE Shrink Packing Machine Four Side Seal WS-8200
Group PE Shrink Packing Machine Four Side Seal(WS-8200)
This machine is an Automatic Packing Machine in processes, automatic conveyance, advance, seal and heat shrinkage. This Auto PE/PVC Film Packing Machine...
Form-Fill-4-Side Seal Packaging Machine  GJ-103
Form-Fill-4-Side Seal Packaging Machine (GJ-103)
APPLICATION 4-side sealing. Dosing by material volume or auger volume; suitable for small quantity packaging, pellet or powder material. Such as powder...
Supplier:GOLD JOB Industrial Co., Ltd.
FRT-10W-K Plastic Film Continuous Sealing Machine(Plastic Film Sealing Machine) 
FRT-10W-K Plastic Film Continuous Sealing Machine(Plastic Film Sealing Machine)
Products Description: This machine is suitable for sealing of kinds of plastic film,paper making. It is widely used in food, medicine, daily chemical...
Supplier:Shanghai Jiacheng Packaging Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Horizontal Multi-Function Four Sides Sealing Machine TCF-68D
Horizontal Multi-Function Four Sides Sealing Machine(TCF-68D)
Packing Material: aluminum foil compound film, polypropylene/polyethylene compound film Max. Diameter: 280mm (Roller Core Diameter: 75-77mm) Bag Sizes:...
Supplier:Ruian Trustar Pharma & Packing Equipment Co., Ltd.
Four Sided Sealing Packaging Machinery SZ-J50
Four Sided Sealing Packaging Machinery(SZ-J50)
Uses: automatic packaging machine, packing machine, packaging machinery, packing machinery for all kinds of liquid materials in chemical industry, pharmacy...
Supplier:Guangzhou Songzheng General Mechanical & Electrical Equipments Co., Ltd.
Four Side Sealing Packing Machine DXD.KS-100
Four Side Sealing Packing Machine(DXD.KS-100)
Four side sealing packing machine is applicable for the real four-side seal big bag packing,Elegant and smooth bag forming. AUTOMATIC Four side sealing...
Supplier:Alan Machinery Import and Export Co., Ltd.

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