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Horizontal Flow-Pack Wrapping Machine
Time: 2015-01-30
FPC5 horizontal flow-pack wrapping machine unveiled by Theegarten-Pactec is to wrap short items in flow-packs at a high speed. With a newly designed feeding unit, FPC5 packaging machine can now package small compressed stock cubes and tablets at a speed of 1,500 units per minute. Test runs indicate that leeway exists for upwards flexibility in capacity.
The FPC5 was originally launched by Theegarten-Pactec as a chocolate-wrapping machine in 2011, together with models for hard caramels and jelly products (FPH5) and for soft caramels (FPW5). These machines belong to a new generation of horizontal flow-pack machines developed with a modular platform consisting of similar basic modules and optional features. The five main modules are: a feeding unit for wrapping material and product, a sealing unit, product discharge, a control unit and an electrical system.
The FPC5 packaging machine is designed with two-track synchronization – each track isolating 750 units per minute. Separating short products at a high speed represents a challenge. For integration to the packaging machine, the two tracks need to converge onto a single lane and the products need to be grouped. To this end, an upper band with lugs mounted along the width of both tracks was integrated. Alternating between the tracks, the lugs kick in after the desired number of products. Since the upper band runs slightly faster than the product conveyor tracks, the products are pushed forward into groups. For the current customer project, the FPC5 isolates four stock cubes per track. At the end of this grouping process, the two tracks converge into a single one, so that each of the two tracks alternately passes on a four-product group towards the machine’s packaging process to produce multi-packs.
To generate product chains, the FPC5 can be equipped with a second cross sealing unit. The so-called chain module separates the chain of flow-packs after a defined number of packages. The manufacturer can then either offer the product chains at point of sale as a package or as individual tear-off packages. This project exemplifies how Theegarten-Pactec can solve complex development challenges for its customers, thanks to advanced machine technology and the expertise of its staff.
The company’s R&D department currently employs 75 people and, since market demand for this type of product wrapping is on the increase, the department has its own dedicated team focusing on flow packs. Flow packs deliver secure, hygienically sealed packaging that minimizes the penetration of moisture and odors. They are ideal for confectionery manufacturers, as well as for many other food and non-food applications.
Manufacturers can select from several optional features, such as mechanical or pneumatic core locking and tensioning devices, cold or heat sealing with optional cooling of the longitudinal seam. The quality assurance features of Theegarten-Pactec’s horizontal flow-pack wrapping machines include the automatic discharge of defective products, spliced or empty packs. The machines meet the highest hygiene standards. All sensitive areas are easily accessible for cleaning, and operation and maintenance can be performed almost tool-free.
Source: www.theegarten-pactec.com