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R 235 Thermoforming Packaging Machine
Time: 2016-08-06
R 235 thermoforming packaging machine is equipped as standard with format sets and sealing dies, which are tailored to producing flat packs of sliced products. The machine can be equipped with additional preheating in the area of the forming station to ensure that the maximum cycle output is achieved.
The sliced products market in Central Europe is growing very strongly and the competition is great. The R 235 thermoforming packaging machine offers an efficient and economical solution. The R 235 has an interface for linking a slicer. Thanks to a lowered film infeed, the loading conveyor of the slicer can be placed horizontally at the height of the machine frame. This enables the length of the machine to be reduced significantly.
The R 235 is very flexible as regards the use of packaging materials, cutting units and formats. The standard widths are based on the typical formats for packs of sliced products. A quick change system for the forming and sealing dies makes it easy to convert the machine to other pack formats. Various labeling and marking systems can also be integrated easily. The R 235 can also be equipped with a jumbo film unwind for lower webs to reduce machine downtime.
R 235 Thermoforming Packaging Machine for Sliced Products
Simple Operation & Reliable Hygiene
Thanks to the HMI 2.0 user interface, even inexperienced operators are able to operate all the functions of the machine at the touch of a finger. As with all MULTIVAC machines, the R 235 is designed in the hygienic design. It enables the machine to be cleaned easily from the inside and outside. The machine can be extended in a modular way and is suitable for the integration in automated packaging lines.
It is vital for extending shelf life that the modified atmosphere is retained in the pack. A precondition for this is the high quality of the seal seams. The lifting units of the R 145 distribute the pressure in the sealing die very evenly, allowing the packs to be produced with a high level of reproducible seal quality. The pastry now remains fresh in the new pack for five whole months instead of four weeks – and without freezing.
MULTIVAC supported very professionally in finding the optimum configuration for products, according to Tsvetelina Tomina. MULTIVAC had already proved its expertise in giving advice on several occasions, since solutions for packing sausage and meat products had already been installed for some time at other daughter companies.
Customers now find the pastry sheets at the fresh food counter instead of in the freezer cabinet and they can now use these immediately after purchasing to make the much-loved Banitsas, spicy pies or sweet cakes, such as Baklava and strudel. The switch from frozen to fresh product is undoubtedly one of the reasons sales of pastry have risen rapidly. However, Tsvetelina Tomina also ascribes the customer interest to the modernized pack design: Since the new thermoformed pack offers less space for product presentation and the front of the pack is smaller than before, this challenged creativity. The new design has obviously been met with the full approval of consumers.
Thanks to its great success in the market, UNIBEL has expanded its number of machines in the meantime, and since the end of 2014 it has been operating a total of three R 145 thermoforming packaging machines. The compact machine is designed for small to medium-sized batches, and is suitable for modular extension and a wide range of dies.
When packing the 500 gram portions, the company benefits in everyday operation from the ergonomics of the modern packaging machine, which can be operated intuitively via a 12” touch-display on the graphic HMI 2.0 user interface. The MULTIVAC Hygienic Design™ also makes cleaning easy: the stainless steel machines are capable of being washed down, while removable side panels and generous cleaning clearances make it easy to thoroughly clean all areas of the machine.
Source: www.multivac.com