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Packaging Equipment Bring Performance Improvements
Time: 2017-09-26
Performance improvements apply to packages, as well as to packaging equipment. This article will show packaging equipment that improve their efficiency to help give your entire production line a boost.
*InvisiPac HM25c Tank-Free Hot Melt Application System
A compact design of the Graco InvisiPac HM25c Tank-Free hot melt application system integrates easily into existing packaging lines. The benefit of this on-demand system is the elimination of adhesive char and the inevitable downtime for maintenance. Graco InvisiPac uses melting chambers that have a greater melting surface area versus the typical tank-based systems or reservoirs with melting fins. This means the equipment can melt the adhesive fast and dispense it immediately so waxes in the adhesive don’t evaporate, which saves on material costs.
Since the adhesive doesn’t sit in a tank and char, frequent downtime for cleaning out plugged up nozzles is a thing of the past. Operators use InvisiPac hot melt systems can go over a year or more without changing settings or even touching the system, depending on the application. Additionally, the InvisiPac HM25c is equipped with LineSite remote monitoring, so production managers can receive real-time performance reports and notifications to make sure their packaging lines keep producing.
*USI-Sonixs Side-Seal Strapping System
The USI-Sonixs side-seal strapping system uses the Sonixs ultrasonic sealing system to create strong seals with no smoke, no warm up time and low energy use.
With a long system life, low operating costs and affordable replacement parts, the Sonixs strapping head can secure loads up to 1.8 meters wide (almost 6 feet) by 2.75 meters high (9 feet). It applies tension of 450 lbs to plastic straps (polypropylene or polyethylene) with up to 750 lbs breaking strength.
Available with operator-initiated or automatic cycling, the unitizer is often integrated into a conveyor line and indexes to meet the side of the load to be secured. It offers optional pallet void feed, underfeed or automatic through/underfeed.
*MK-U Series Inkjet Printer
The updated MK-U Series continuous inkjet printer has a unique auto-cleaning function that uses 70% less solvent yet ensures a deep cleaning. The system uses high-pressure pulsed jets of solvent to clean the ink path, nozzle, electrode plates and gutter all at once. No printhead disassembly or manual cleaning is needed.
Benefit of this system is using less fluids for lower cleaning costs. Also, minimizing exposure to chemicals is safer for employees. It is more efficient, too, because an operator can press the “clean” button and do other tasks while the system does the cleaning automatically.
*2.5D Cobot Packaging
Generally, robotics offer a high level of production flexibility due to their ability to be reprogrammed for a new task. Collaborative robots take that up a notch by also operating more flexibly in a plant environment along with fellow human workers. Universal Robots will be demonstrating how its cobot arms have been used by integrator Robotic Vision Technologies to pick-rotate-and-place parts/products off a conveyor in 2.5D.
What 2.5D means is a combination of 3-dimensional position (X, Y and Z) and 1-dimensional rotation (rZ). Essentially, this is a standard 2D solution with depth information. The robot can just as easily find pieces that are stacked two to three high.
Source: www.packagingdigest.com