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Sure for Men uses multi-page labels for Ashes promotion
Time: 2009-07-23
Unilever is using a Denny Bros multi-page label on its Sure for Men aerosols to promote a competition to win tickets for the Ashes cricket series.
The FMCG giant is using Fix-a-Form labels for the on-pack promotion on the 250ml anti-perspirant aerosols to help the product stand out on supermarket shelves.
The labels have a unique code printed on the inside that can be entered into an online draw to win two tickets. Numbers are being drawn every day until the end of the month.
A Unilever packaging technologist said the company was impressed with its first use of multi-page labels on the Sure for Men brand.
"The cricket ball image on the front contains the Sure 'tick'. It can be applied to standard cans to sit over existing graphics," he said.
The double-page labels are zip-perforated and also display instructions on how to enter the competition.