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Anson installs Illig thermoformer for Bakkavor pots
Time: 2009-08-02
Anson Packaging has installed an Illig RDM70K thermoforming system at its Ely headquarters to supply rPET pots to food producer Bakkavor.
Bakkavor requires the pots to be 20% lighter than previous containers and Anson can now accurately control the thickness of material to a few microns.
Managing director Andrew Osborne-Smith said Illig also created bespoke tooling to better control the form of the rim of the pot during cooling and ensure the thinner-walled product remains strong.
"Containers often had a thin bead of material around the rim that made them difficult to stack. The new system has eliminated this bead so we can now stack more containers in each box for transit," he said.
The RDM70K also uses air flow and water cooling systems to halve compressed air and energy use and is linked to an Illig granulator so skeletal waste can be reduced in volume before it its reprocessed and extruded on-site.
Osborne-Smith said the machine was part of Anson's long-term investment programme in new technology. "The programme is designed to improve and further our commitment to sustainability whilst continuing to increase our levels of productivity and performance," he said.